Member Testimonials

Steady has helped me tune almost every dimension of my life with diabetes. Having a team of experts sit down and review my data, at my side, has really helped to answer questions I otherwise could not. Since meeting with Steady, I’ve made significant changes to my exercise and diet, have reduced my insulin, and now experience very few lows. CGM has changed my life, and the proof is in my improved A1c.
— Steve Pecko, Type 1, diagnosed 1980
Steady has been amazing and I really believe in the clinic. I was stumbling for the last three years with high blood sugars and even though I had a great endo to see trying to distill my life in less than an hour just doesn’t work. Since starting and having your team to listen and look at my data has been a game changer. I wish all diabetics had access to Steady.
— Courtney, Type 1
Steady has been super helpful in improving my management. The tracking, deep dive and overall service enable me to stay accountable by helping me set goals and action items for myself. Their team has helped me understand my diabetes much better than before.
— Tim H., Type 1

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