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Managing your diabetes alone can be tough. Let us make it easy. Start using a CGM and get live insights from our medical team in your pocket.


“ Within just one week, we had identified the problem, tested a solution and validated the results. And I did it all by simply messaging with my care team within the Steady app.”

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The new gold standard in diabetes care

CGM at your door in 1-3 days

Personal insights based on your meals and exercise

Easy-to-understand medical reports

Proactive coaching via chat

Virtual consult with a board certified endocrinologist

Steady Starter Program

Experience the freedom and confidence that comes from around-the-clock connected care.

Managing your diabetes has never been easier

We take hundreds of measurements a day. We answer your diabetes questions, daily. You get your life back.

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How it works

Get your CGM delivered

Take a short medical assessment and get your CGM prescription. CGMs are delivered at your doorstep in 1-3 days.

No more finger pricking

Your CGM takes 100's of measurements daily. Zero finger sticks.

Track your meals and activities

Log your meals and activity in the Steady app. All our insights are built on top of your data.

Unlimited 1:1 messaging

Ask our doctors anything. We answer them LIVE during weekdays. And within 24 hrs during weekends. Sometimes, we'll be the first ones to reach out.

Uncover hidden trends

Find key trends unique to your body through easy to read visualization and blood glucose trend mapping with our easy to use app.

Unlock personalized reports

Get an easy-to-understand report with insights on your times in and out of range, and how they correlate with your logs and measurements.

Video consult with your Endocrinologist

Meet with one of our Endocrinologists over video and talk through your data, results, and personalized report.


of the adult population is suffering from metabolic disease

Real situation

88 million Americans have prediabetes. Over 34 million have diabetes.

You’re not alone, but you’re also not just a statistic. We’ll help you on your personal journey forward.

Over 3 in 10 US adults have prediabetes

34.5% of US adults

1 in 10 US adults have diabetes

10.5% of US adults

Real results

96% of our members say their diabetes management has improved since joining Steady.

And 4 out of 5 Steady members talk to their doctor at least once a week.

Real Stories

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"I’ve been feeling like I’m not defined by my diabetes anymore. I’m not just a diabetic, I’m Michelle. I’m Michelle with diabetes. It’s been a huge perspective shift for me. A huge game changer. Joining Steady has changed my life."
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“Within just one week, we had identified the problem, tested a solution, and validated the results. And I did it all by simply messaging with my care team within the Steady app.”
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"Because of Steady, I've seen the most radical improvement in my management in the last 6 months and I've completely changed my diabetes care… Steady overall has made me healthier and I have much better control in managing the disease."
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"Steady Health did the best job of any diabetes care I've received to date by tailoring their service to me."

Trusted Insurance Providers

For patients enrolled in our ongoing care services, visits with an endocrinologist are covered by most insurance plans. If you have insurance related questions, please email us at

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Hear from our

“I’ve been a member with Steady Health since the beginning of March and I can honestly say I am so pleased with the outcome of my diabetes care. All you need to do is shoot a text on the app and they’ll give you the best medical advice possible!”


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Start using a CGM and get powerful insights from specialists
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Start using a CGM and get powerful insights from specialists during our 4 week starter program

Insider Tips on Routine Diabetes Lab Tests

Introducing Steady Health: "Diabetes Care Utopia" Built Around CGM

Steady Health - A New Type of Diabetes Care

The Wearable That Changed My Life​

The Steady Health model turns that traditional care model on its head

Data is the core

Our doctors identify actionable insights from your blood sugar data, and by correlating to your meals, medication, and daily activities, empower you with a deeper understanding of what impacts your blood glucose.

CGMs vs Fingersticks

Unlike CGM, Fingersticks don't tell you the full story.

Uncover hidden patterns

Our doctors help you discover potential problems, and coach you on how to solve them

Professional Team

Dr. Calvin Wu
Dr. Calvin WuMedical Doctor, Endocrinology
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Dr. Wu graduated from the Keck School of Medicine of USC and specialized in endocrinology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He has designed Steady's continuous care model with the goal of achieving better outcomes.
Aimée José
Aimée JoséRegistered Nurse, CDCES
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Aimee is passionate about teaching intensive diabetes management, insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring, and combination therapies. As someone living with T1 diabetes herself, she believes in keeping it simple!
Dr. Sushma Reddy
Dr. Sushma ReddyMedical Doctor, Endocrinology
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Dr. Reddy brings 30 years of clinical experience in endocrinology offering her an incredible perspective on the evolution of diabetes care. Her objective is to empower individuals with diabetes to live the lives they want.
Shetal Rautela
Shetal RautelaRegistered Dietitian, CDCES
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Shetal guides individuals on how to live confidently with diabetes. Whether via intensive insulin therapy or food choices that are both therapeutic and enjoyable, she emphasizes a learning environment free of judgment.

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