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What is Steady?

  • We monitor patients remotely through a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and are available on-demand over chat and video through our app

  • We have customized programs for patients with Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes and Pre-diabetes

  • We treat patients anywhere in California without the need to travel

  • Just like traditional Endocrinologists, we keep track of labs, write prescriptions, and keep you updated on your patient’s progress between visits

Our philosophy

As the industry’s first fully-virtual diabetes referral partner, our mission is simple: to empower patients to live the lives they want. That means listening – and walking alongside them through every challenge. We’re also committed to giving providers the kind of collaborative partnership – backed by state-of-the-art technology – that’s often missing with traditional referrals.

We get it: compliance can be challenging

You’ve made a diagnosis and developed a treatment plan, but what happens when the patient leaves your office? Helping them follow through with medication and behavior change is hard! What’s more, referrals can also mean months-long wait times and mixed results, leaving patients and providers frustrated.

Count on us to make things easier

When you refer a patient to Steady, they enjoy seamless access to our team of compassionate experts. And it’s completely virtual, so no more scheduling appointments months in advance and crossing your fingers in hopes that your patient will stick to the plan. We’re there for them conveniently over chat, and they can also self-schedule a video visit should they want time face-to-face.

Data is at the heart of our care model

Every patient's journey with Steady begins with a video visit, where our Endocrinologist invites them to define health goals and a personalized care plan. They receive a Continuous Glucose Monitor and access to our app, where they can easily log their food, activity, and medication. Because let’s face it: convenience matters. With this rich set of data at work, we help each patient optimize their medical treatment and understand how their body reacts to different lifestyle choices. And the end result? A greater sense of empowerment and motivation for behavior changes based on their own experience.

Close to home. Far from traditional.

Throughout their journey with Steady, your patients receive:

  • On-demand access to our Endocrinologists and Certified Diabetes Educators over video and chat

  • An ongoing commitment to help them understand their bodies, keep up with care plans, or get back on track

  • An approach that results in fewer hospital admissions – and healthier living

  • A helping hand with the little things like refills, tedious forms, and important check-up reminders

Healthier patients. Happier providers.

Life can be complicated – so can diabetes treatment. We’re here to help reduce the stress and confusion patients experience while helping them adhere to a treatment plan that can transform their lives. Partnering with Steady means:

  • A quick, simplified referral process

  • No travel for your patients

  • More advanced tools for your patients

  • Unique, personalized coaching and education based on your patient’s actual data

  • Follow-ups between appointments for patients that need more hand-holding

Work with us

It’s time to wave goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and work with a partner that has your back every step of the journey. We accept patients with any diabetes diagnosis and making a referral is simple. Just send us a note with your patient’s contact info, and we’ll take it from there!

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