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Cost and Insurance

Get ongoing care with membership

Ongoing care and help with dosing or prescriptions

Our membership offers longer-term Endocrinology care and covers prescriptions and anything else your care might need.

An ongoing membership to continue receiving care from Steady Health costs $60 per month. Visits with our endocrinologist are billed through your insurance, and coaching with our team is at no cost to you.

Our membership is currently available in Washington and California. CGM and visits with our endocrinologist will be billed to your insurance, everything else is included in the membership fee. Download our app below to sign up.

Ongoing Membership


Per month

The CGM device is sold by our pharmacy partner Alto and will be delivered to your home.

Steady starter program


One-time fee

Try CGM and virtual care at Steady with our Starter Program

Our program sets you on the path to get your blood sugar in control and keep it there. Currently available in California and Washington.

Try Steady by joining our starter program for $85. The program combines the powerful insights of a CGM with real-time coaching to help you achieve meaningful goals.

Accepted by major Insurance Providers

For patients enrolled in our ongoing care services, visits with an endocrinologist are covered by most insurance plans. If you have insurance related questions, please email us at

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They already know what a Steady life feels like

“I’ve been a member with Steady Health since the beginning of March and I can honestly say I am so pleased with the outcome of my diabetes care. All you need to do is shoot a text on the app and they’ll give you the best medical advice possible!”


Modern, Personal, Data-Driven Care for Easier Diabetes Management

Your membership includes

Personalized care plans

Data driven insights

Virtual visits

Same day visits

Messaging with doctor

Easy prescription refills

Monthly progress reports

One simple app

Meet your care team

Dr. Calvin Wu

Medical Doctor, Endocrinology

Dr. Wu graduated from the Keck School of Medicine of USC and specialized in endocrinology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He has designed Steady's continuous care model with the goal of achieving better outcomes.

Aimée José

Registered Nurse, CDCES

Aimee is passionate about teaching intensive diabetes management, insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring, and combination therapies. As someone living with T1 diabetes herself, she believes in keeping it simple!

Dr. Sushma Reddy

Medical Doctor, Endocrinology

Dr. Reddy brings 30 years of clinical experience in endocrinology offering her an incredible perspective on the evolution of diabetes care. Her objective is to empower individuals with diabetes to live the lives they want.

Frequently asked questions

The Starter program costs $85, which covers getting you a CGM device that lasts for 14 days, a personalized insights report, a 20 minute video session with one of our expert endocrinologists to interpret your results, and unlimited, free messaging with our diabetes care team. The device is included in the $85 but will be charged separately when processed by our partner pharmacy.

Yes, if you don’t have a CGM already, our doctors can help. We will review your medical history then provide a prescription for the right CGM device for you. We’ll help you order the CGM which will be delivered directly to your home.


After you sign up for the Starter program, we’ll send you instructions for getting a CGM delivered to your house. Most CGMs arrive 2-3 days after ordering the device.

Based on your insurance, Steady will help you to get a Freestyle Libre. It is a small wearable devices that allows you to monitor your blood sugar in real-time from your phone. Our doctors will be able to analyze your progress through the data provided by these devices.

The $85 program cost is not covered by insurance. However, if you choose to join as a full member we will work with your insurance plan to assess coverage.

The Steady program is currently available to patients who live in California and Washington, with other states launching shortly. Join our waitlist to be notified as we launch additional states.

Great! Our care team will be able to analyze the data from your Freestyle Libre or Dexcom CGM. If you have a Medtronic CGM, please email us at

After completing the Starter program, you have the option to continue your care with Steady’s team of diabetes experts. Our ongoing membership costs $60/month. The membership fee helps support our digital platform which gives you access to full service Endocrinology care with doctors, nurses, labs, prescriptions and digital visits.

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