How it works

Discover the magic of connected care

Our mission is to empower people with diabetes to live the life they want

Steady Health provides virtual care that is personalized for you. We offer a starter program as well as ongoing full-service care.

1. Diabetes support by experts who care

Chat with your diabetes care team, which includes your endocrinologist and a diabetes coach, by sending a message anytime. Ask for advice and get tips on how to better manage your blood glucose.

2. Personalized insights based on your CGM data

We prescribe a CGM and analyze your specific blood glucose data to get actionable insights that actually make a difference for you.

3. Proven results through our integrated approach

96% of members agree that their diabetes management has improved since joining Steady. 

Since 4 out of 5 Steady members talk to their doctor at least once a week, we can provide a more personalized level of care.

4. Video consult with a doctor

Meet with one of our Endocrinologists over video and talk through your results. Our team has extensive experience with diabetes and managing blood sugar. Read more about our medical team.

5. Tips & Guidance

Based on your goals, we’ll send you relevant content from our Education Library. We have articles written by experts about managing your diabetes, healthy eating, mental wellbeing and more.

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