As a member of Steady, there are a few routine exams we want you to go through on a regular basis so we can assess your comprehensive health situation. We call this “routine health maintenance”. We will keep track of these items and remind you to get them done in a timely manner.

Physical exams with your Primary Care Provider.

Every 12 months, we will ask you to visit your Primary Care Provider for a comprehensive physical exam of your heart, lungs, and feet. This is an important part of assessing the health of your heart, small blood vessels, and nerves. To ensure that all relevant aspects of your health is properly examined, please ask your provider to fill out the following form, and make sure to send it to us after your visit.

Laboratory tests

We will send you a message in the Steady app when it is time for any of your routine lab tests:

  • Every 3 months we will order a HbA1c test. This is the golden standard to assess your risk for diabetes complications, and for comparing yourself to others.
  • Every 12 months we will order tests to asses your kidney function and cardiovascular risk profile. These tests include Creatinine, U-Albumin/Creatinine ratio, and blood lipids. We may also add other tests depending on the type of diabetes you have and other diseases that may be affecting your health.


Screening surveys

We will send you a yearly survey to screen for Mental Health issues like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

Eye exam

We will remind you to go through a retinal scan on a yearly basis. The purpose is to detect any vascular changes due to diabetes as early as possible. If we detect any damage to your eyes, that can also be treated with medication and laser to prevent your eyesight from deteriorating.


We will remind you visit a dentist on a yearly basis. The purpose is to detect any signs of gum disease as early as possible.


Each year, we recommend that you get a vaccine for the seasonal flu. We will let you know when the vaccine is available.