Henrik Berggren

January 16, 2021

While you are in your tracking period, the general rule is that the more data you share, the more valuable insights and learnings the team can share with you at the tracking review visit. This means, anything that you think could have impact on your blood sugar you should share with us. Here are some examples of things that could be valuable.


Food & drink

Starting with the most obvious one, food & drink. The more pictures you share of food you eat the better. Even if you snack a bit here and there throughout the day, try to snap a photo as everything we see helps us understand you and your lifestyle better.


If you do longer and/or more intense exercise make sure to log that in the app. We automatically track how much you move around (iPhone only) so no need to share regular walks etc. But as soon as you are at the gym, on a bike or play sports log an exercise event.



Logging insulin, metformin and other diabetes related medications is key to understanding your blood sugar dynamics. But, it can be helpful to share things that are not typically seen as impactful for diabetes as well as some medication can affect your blood sugar.



If you travel frequently it’s always helpful for us to know when and to where. Things like climate and adjusting to time zones can affect your blood sugar and we can help you stay safe when your body is adjusting.

Work events

Sometimes events at work can be helpful to know about so that we can understand your lifestyle. One thing that usually comes up is that big meetings or presentations can cause stress and affect blood sugar quite dramatically. So, if you want to learn how to better manage those type of situations you can log a note and tell us about it.


Sleep hours

An irregular sleep schedule can also affect blood sugar and make it harder to control. If this is something you’re interested in learning more about you can log when you go to bed and how much sleep you get.


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