Time in Range

This relatively new metric is defined by the portion of any day you spend “In Range”, meaning within the range you defined earlier. This is a great metric as you need less data to see your progress. If you’re living with diabetes and have your range set to 70-180 a good starting goal is 70% Time in Range

If you have pre-diabetes and have your range set to 70-140 you can also use 70% Time in Range as a good starting point.

Time in Low

Time in Low is defined as the amount of minutes you spend below your low limit. Typically this limit is 70 mg/dL and its set in your range above. The standard recommendation is for you to spend less than 4% of your day low which translates to less than 60 minutes per day.

Urgent lows

Number of urgent lows is a goal that Steady has come up with. We know going low can be very dangerous so keeping the number of times you reach below 55 mg/dL minimal is key to safety. An urgent low will be counted as soon as you spend 15 minutes or more below this threshold. We recommend less than 4 urgent lows per week but if you’re suffering from hypoglycemia frequently you might want to start higher.

Intervention threshold

This is a special goal used by our care team as the limit for when we proactively check in with you. When your Time in Range goes below this limit for two weeks our systems will know that you might need some help and our care team will reach out.