January 16, 2021

During your 7 day tracking period, you’ll track food, drink, exercise, insulin, and add any notes for the things you are curious or have questions about.

Please log your events ONLY in the Steady app. DO NOT log in Libre or Dexcom apps.

First, click “Start Tracking Period”



Then, “Start Tracking”


To log Food & Drink:

  • Click on “Food & Drink”


  • Take a picture of your meal or drink by clicking in the white camera button


  • Add any notes with the picture
  • Click “Log Food & Drink”


To log Exercise, Insulin, or Notes:

  • Click on one of the above
  • Add in your text
  • Click “Log Exercise”, “Log Insulin”, or “Log Note”


You can view your logged events by clicking on “Profile” on the bottom right of the toolbar and they will all be listed under “Logbook”. You can click “View All” to the right to view the full list of your logged events.

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