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By Henrik, FounderJuly 2, 2019

Using data and experience to radically improve people’s lives

Last year, I experienced something remarkable. Using data from a wearable device, I learned more about my body in 5 months than I had done in my previous 18 years living with diabetes.

Through data analysis and experimentation, I completely changed how I think about the management of my condition and learned about how food, exercise, medication, sleep, stress, and many other factors were impacting my body.

The change had a tremendous effect on my life. I reduced my A1C to 5.3%, the best it has been in my entire life. I’m on less insulin, lost 10lbs, sleep better, have more energy and a more even mood. I feel better than I have in 20 years. How did I do it? You can read my story here. What I want to share with you in the next few minutes is how we’re working on helping the 100 million Americans that are struggling with blood sugar control improve their lives.

What does diabetes care look like in 2019? Well, very similar to what it looked like in 2009, and in 1999, the year I was diagnosed. I go to an endocrinologist every 3 months for a checkup where we review some numbers, I get my prescriptions renewed and if my A1C is above 7%, then I get told “eat better”, “exercise more” and “don’t smoke” — the same advice I’ve been given for the past 20 years. To be fair, not all doctors are like this, some review data in detail, spend extended time with their patients and have concrete recommendations for how to improve. But, these superstars are a rare occurrence as the health care system doesn’t support the effort that it requires.

Through my research on the state of diabetes care in the US, I learned that very few care providers utilize data or technology to improve care on an individual level. There are 3 major reasons why:

Lack of training

The data and technology surrounding diabetes have changed tremendously over the last 5 years. Patients now have wearable devices that report 300+ data points per day. That's two orders of magnitude larger than the number of finger sticks we used to have. Yet, many clinicians don’t get any training in how to analyze this data.

Fragmented tools

The toolset that clinicians have at their disposal is fragmented. Pump data is in one place, CGM data in another and everyone is using different apps and systems. And, while the tools are great at telling us where someone is right now, very few can tell you if you’re on a path to improvement.

Outdated model

The traditional care model based on quarterly visits doesn’t make much sense anymore. The A1C test is becoming less relevant as we now have continuous data that can be collected remotely, patients are frequently making adjustments on their own, and, data takes time to understand and interpret.

Introducing: Steady Health

I realized that in order to have an impact on today's care, we have to solve all these challenges. But building software that helped with data analysis for clinics would not be enough, issues with training and the overall care model would remain. Instead, we decided to take a different approach: Steady Health is a completely reimagined care model for diabetes, focused on data and experience, enabled by software.

Steady Health is a completely reimagined care model for diabetes, focused on data and experience, enabled by software

Our care model consists of two distinct components that together enable better outcomes: Data and Coaching. We’ve built a comprehensive suite of tools that allows us to collect and analyze data from our members and the devices they wear.

Relevant data like food, exercise, medication, blood glucose and more are easily available to our clinicians enabling deep understanding of every member, the life they are living and how it impacts the management of their diabetes. These insights let us give truly personalized recommendations that are both more accurate and easier to adhere to than generalized guidelines.

Our mobile experience lets members share data as well as connect with our team of doctors and nurses

We run on software and specialize in Continuous Glucose Monitoring. Data is collected continuously and remotely which means we can automatically notify our clinicians of events that are impacting our members, recommend interventions and follow up on outcomes. Our software also dramatically improves the experience and efficiency of our business where things like self-scheduling, messaging and data analysis are all available to our clinicians and staff.

Our analysis tool Glue helps our clinicians find insights in food, exercise, medication, and CGM data

Coaching is done almost exclusively over chat and video. It’s more convenient for our members as they don’t have to travel to our physical location and allows our clinical team to have lightweight and more frequent interactions.

Finally, Team-based care is at the core of Steady. To serve our members in the best way possible we have an Endocrinologist, a Care Coordinator and a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) all working together with each individual. They ensure all of our members get the help they need when they need it.

A space for improving, together

We deliver full-service diabetes care to our members which means that we also have a location where we provide coaching, yearly physical check-ups and anything else that might require a face to face meeting.

Our lobby, consultation room, and lounge at our first location in San Francisco

Our location is built with experience in mind. Coming to Steady feels empowering and we’ve designed an environment that allows for collaboration between our care team and our members.

Better care, better life

What does all of this sum up to? Diabetes care that helps members live healthier lives. Care delivered through an experience that fits the needs of a complex condition, while at the same time being more convenient for the member. With Steady, you get a personalized care plan based on actual data, that covers diet, exercise, and medication from a team specialized in diabetes. Whether your goal is to live a long and healthy life or to reduce the stress around diabetes and blood sugar management, we help you get there.

We’ve been working with members for a couple of months and we’re excited and proud of the feedback we’ve gotten.

“Steady Health completely changed my perspective. It’s like Diabetes Care Utopia.”

Aida A.

“Having your team to listen and look at my data has been a game changer. I wish all people with diabetes had access to Steady.”

— Courtney O.

We’re just getting started

We truly believe that the Steady model of care can have a big impact on the 30 million people that are currently diagnosed. But, our mission is larger than that. We also believe that giving care based on data to the 80 million Americans that have with pre-diabetes will improve health and prevent many from full diagnosis. We’re entering a new time where what we eat and how we exercise can be tailored to each and every individual on the planet.

The journey towards personalized nutrition starts now

On behalf of the entire Steady team of engineers, clinicians, investors, members & advisors — thanks. We’re pretty excited about the road ahead.

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