Our mission is to empower people with diabetes to live the life they want

We believe that every journey deserves a partner. To listen, understand, and walk alongside you through every challenge.


We know what it feels like to have diabetes take over your life. After decades of trial and error, we realized that with the right care, the right goals, and the right insight into our bodies, it is more than possible to live well.

This is why we built Steady Health — to empower people like you to live the life you want.

Read the story of how our founder Henrik discovered CGM and how it changed his life with diabetes forever.

Our company values

We are a team of students

We believe that open-mindedness and curiosity are key to challenging the status quo, encouraging innovation, and personal growth. Build, Measure, Learn, Repeat.

Great things have humble beginnings

Be willing to learn from anyone, listen to everyone, admit to your mistakes, and change course when something’s not working.

We obsess over experience

Our members are our main priority and shape our practices and decisions. Managing diabetes is complicated, and we will do anything we can to make it easier.

Everything starts with compassion

We take a people-first approach to building our company. We believe it’s important to understand what our members and teammates are experiencing in order to help them thrive.

Teams beat primadonnas

Collaboration is key to ensure that technology and clinical care move forward together in tandem. We foster a supportive and team-based approach to improve the lives of our members and our teammates.

👩‍⚕️ + 👨‍💻 = 🎉

Curious about our care model?

If you are curious about our care model and how we can help you, get in touch.

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