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You deserve more than a quarterly check-up

Our doctors work alongside you to get your blood sugar in control and keep it there — all for $2 a day.

Steady Health

Reimagining diabetes care

Steady Health is a modern medical practice that stays connected to your daily glucose levels, nutrition, and lifestyle — so you can get real answers and real results. Find out if we are right for you.

20x more interaction

Our patients chat with their doctor on average 2 times per week, rather than once every few months.

52,560 Annual data points per patient

With your CGM, our doctors analyze your blood sugar levels over 100 times a day.

< 1 hr Time to talk to a doctor

Speak with one of our doctors today or tomorrow, rather than scheduling something for next month.

How it works


Know more and stress less with CGM

We’ll get you set up on any FDA-approved continuous glucose monitor — a small device that reads your real-time glucose levels so you don’t have to think about it. Simply connect your monitor to our app to learn how your blood sugar responds to food, exercise, sleep, and medications — all in one place.

Diabetes care that is designed around you

Don’t wait for quarterly check ups. For $2 a day, you get connected and personalized diabetes care that helps you feel your best every day. The costs of virtual visits with our endocrinologist, devices (i.e. CGM or insulin pump), and medications may be covered by your insurance and may have copays or coinsurance if your plan requires them.

Unlimited, on-going collaboration

Get on-demand access to our board-certified doctors, coaches, and nurses over video or messaging. Our team is by your side to help you understand your body, keep up with your care plan, or get you back on track. We’ll help you refill prescriptions, organize your forms, and nudge you about other important check-ups that will keep you healthy.

Built by people who know what it’s like

We know what it feels like to have diabetes take over your life. After decades of trial and error, we realized that with the right care, the right goals, and the right insight into our bodies, it was more than possible to live well. This is why we built Steady Health to empower people like you to live the life you want. Read the story of how our founder Henrik conquered his diabetes.

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What our members say

“Steady has helped me tune almost every dimension of my life with diabetes. Having a team of experts sit down and review my data, at my side, has really helped to answer questions I otherwise could not. Since meeting with Steady, I’ve made significant changes to my exercise and diet, have reduced my insulin, and now experience very few lows. CGM has changed my life, and the proof is in my improved A1c.

Steve P, diagnosed 1980

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Diabetes care when you need it

Scheduling your first video visit with Steady is easy. Just download our app, sign up and pick a time that’s convenient for you. Steady is free the first month so you can try before you commit.

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What our members say

“The way diabetes management and care should be. I strongly believe every diabetic should have a team like Steady Health on their side. With virtual visits and remote care, anyone can have access to the care team using their app. I can't believe I've gone 10 years without them... The knowledge and expertise, and the encouragement and support are unmatched. I highly recommend Steady Health to any and all diabetics who can use a smartphone! I'm so glad I found them, and I'm never letting go!


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